Chapter 803 - Chapter 803: Killing All The Grand Elders

Chapter 803: Killing All The Grand Elders


“If it were you, would you let me go in this situation?” Yang Chen sneered again, but continued to attack without hesitation.

“Yang Chen, what evil method did you use?” As soon as two of them were killed, Yang Chen heard another grand elder yelling wildly: “Evil heretics, everyone will kill them! We, the Greatest Heaven Sect, killing you is also in compliance with destiny, you deserve to die!”

“Why are we talking about good and evil at this time?” Yang Chen ignored the other party’s cries and just faced each other one by one: “Killing people is killing people. What difference does it make about the method used?”

The other party must have said this because of the demonic qi and the ninth water flying sword. One releases the demonic qi and triggers inner demons, while the other is poisonous. It seems that neither of them is something that a gentleman shouldn’t use. If coupled with the blood-sucking power of the blood demon vine flying sword, then Yang Chen’s title of a peerless evil demon would be well-established and would not escape him.

It’s a pity that this place is in the demon sealing formation. Everything is sealed by the extremely powerful demon sealing formation. They can’t escape, and no information here can be leaked.

Yang Chen had never dared to fully activate his murderous intent before, just because he was afraid of being regarded as an evil heretic and punished. Of course, his main concern was the Greatest Heaven Sect. Now, Yang Chen doesn’t have to think about this at all. The Greatest Heaven Sect itself can’t protect itself, so how can they care about exterminating demons and defending the dao? He is already the target of exorcizing demons and defending the dao, right?

The strongest elder had been killed immediately, and the rest were just hanging on. It was only a matter of time before they were completely eliminated. Everyone here is an enemy, and Yang Chen doesn’t have to think about holding back.

It’s a pity that the Greatest Heaven Sect spent so much manpower and material resources and allowed so many people to stay in the mortal world without ascending for the time being, but now they all became supplements for Yang Chen’s Immortal beheading blade. Especially the Blood Demon Vine Flying Sword, the more blood it absorbs from the grand elders, the stronger its power will be.

The opponents here have concentrated almost one-tenth of the most powerful force in the mortal world. With so many immortal-level supplements, even though the Blood Demon Vine Flying Sword cannot grow to a mature state, after absorbing the blood, it is enough to become one of the most powerful weapons in the mortal world.

The remaining dozens of grand elders, now aware of Yang Chen’s ferocity, all gathered together. No matter which direction Yang Chen approached from, no matter what direction he was approaching, he would strike with all his strength.

Dozens of human Immortal realm masters attacked Yang Chen who was at the early Dacheng stage, even though Yang Chen was the worst in the body-refining skills of the Yellow Turban Warriors. With the protection of the Dragon clan golden bell, his body would not be injured, but he was directly knocked back by this powerful force.

Regardless, even if Yang Chen lengthened his Immortal beheading blade and slashed it at the crowd from a distance, the combined protective magic weapons of dozens of human Immortal realm masters would still not be enough, but it didn’t let Yang Chen take advantage.

When everyone saw that this method worked, their faces immediately became happy. As long as Yang Chen can’t get close, what’s the use of even the most powerful magic weapon? Yang Chen is not very fast on his own, and his space for maneuvering is limited. Once he is surrounded by everyone, even if they are exhausted, they can still kill him.

In particular, there is the Everlasting Universe Origin Suppression Great Formation here, which is full of spiritual power. Yang Chen is just a junior in the Dacheng stage. He used the evil magic weapon to kill the great elder and more than a dozen elders in a sneak attack, but that was it. It was impossible for him to continue his killing spree.

Competing with dozens human Immortal realm masters for spiritual power, even if Yang Chen reached the peak Dacheng stage, he would still lose. But here, losing means death.

Yang Chen swung his Immortal beheading blade and chopped it a dozen times in a row before finally stopping. The combined protective magic weapons of these guys can really block the power of Xiao Tian and the Immortal beheading blade, but that’s all, their protective magic weapons all have cracks. As long as Yang Chen continues to chop, those magic weapons will have no other way but to shatter.

But Yang Chen didn’t want to use this method to trick them to death. That’s not too difficult and doesn’t hone yourself in any way. If after removing the murderous intent of the demonic qi and the poisonous erosion of the ninth water Flying Sword, and removing the powerful protection of the golden bell, Yang Chen might be at a disadvantage if he could fight them openly.

One-on-one, Yang Chen would definitely be able to kill them all in a row, but when they were gathered together, it was a little difficult for Yang Chen to do it.

Fortunately, Yang Chen was not without any helpers. There were twelve Penglai divine wood monsters in Yang Chen’s medicine garden.

Because these Penglai divine woods are born with sacred trees, they can cultivate armor-wood-attribute skills countless times faster than ordinary people. Before Tao Junqi’s last tribulation, some of them had already collectively passed through the Yin fire tribulation. In terms of their strength, they were by no means worse than the so-called masters of Greatest Heaven Sect at this moment.

Twelve Penglai divine wood monsters directly formed the Twelve Zodiac Crowd Guarding Great Formation. This was originally a formation used to suppress residences, but when used here, it was the sharpest. The so-called house control is not only about suppressing luck, but also about protection. These guys are equivalent to the enemies who rushed into Yang Chen’s house, and they will all be suppressed.

Yang Chen had already put away all the magic weapons and started watching the show. Dozens of the Greatest Heaven Sect’s grand elders were surrounded by twelve Penglai divine wood monsters in the formation and began to attack crazily.

In the Demon-sealing formation, these Penglai divine wood monsters do not have to worry about causing tribulation and can display their strength unscrupulously. They have been together all the time, they have a tacit understanding of cooperation, their cultivation is balanced, and they are also very skillful in practicing formations. On the other hand, the situation at the Greatest Heaven Sect’s side is completely different.

There are different levels of cultivation, and there is no special formation for coordination, which is even worse than that of the Murong sisters. In the past, they could only rely on the combined strength of their magic weapons and cultivation to repel Yang Chen, but now they were unable to cause any harm to the twelve Penglai divine wood monsters.

Boom, boom, boom, a series of sounds sounded, and the Penglai divine wood monsters went head-to-head with those people and smashed into each other crazily. The Penglai divine wood monsters does not have any magic weapon, it relies on its strong body. The reason why they have a divine character is not simply because of its fast cultivation speed. Even Yang Chen’s first wood flying sword is from Penglai divine wood, which shows its toughness.

They had already been almost chopped down by Yang Chen’s Immortal beheading blade, and now they were in a head-to-head confrontation with the Penglai divine wood monsters. The protective magic weapons of the elders finally began to shatter one by one. Not to mention, their natal magic weapon attacked the Penglai divine wood monsters and was directly guided by the formation. The twelve Penglai divine wood monsters shared the pressure evenly. As long as they were not hit completely at the same time, there was no threat to these Penglai divine wood monsters at all.

Next to them, there was Yang Chen, who was watching eagerly from the outside. Under the continuous collision, these grand elders finally showed a look of despair on their faces.


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