Tangled By Fate

Chapter 520 ARTHUR’S WORRY

Chapter 520 ARTHUR'S WORRY

Urulas frowned in annoyance and murmured, "What is his problem?"

Just as much Arthur didn't like the elves, Urulas and the rest of the elves felt the same way.

From their knowledge, they knew that the blessed child shouldn't be with a wizard who would use Dark Arts any time.

And Veronica got married to the most powerful wizard in the universe.

It was enough to give them a headache.

"Yes, yes, I understand. I love you too."

Veronica tiptoed and planted a kiss on her husband's cheek. The reason for her sweet words and action was to shut him up.

She added, "I promise to come back to you soon."


Urulas and the rest of the elves were speechless seeing the public display of affection in front of them.

Arthur finally settled seeing her bubbly side.

"Don't fret. I'll be with her." Ovior patted his friend's shoulder.

When they started their journey, Arthur stared at Veronica's back.

Veronica rode a brown horse and left with the others. She turned her head to look at Arthur's face one last time.

Seeing that he was staring at her, she waved her hand.

Arthur raised his hand and waved back at her.

"Be safe," he muttered.

Veronica and her team left Tybu by nightfall. They camped near the border.

Ovior started a fire and burned the bunny he hunted.

"Maybe we shouldn't eat meat," Veronica said. She stole a glance at the nearby the elves.

Ovior sensed her discomfort. He turned the roasted bunny and looked at the elves.

The elves were looking at him disapprovingly.

He frowned and said, "Don't bother with them. If you want to eat bread, you eat bread. If you want to eat meat, you eat meat."

Veronica let out a deep sigh.

She softly uttered, "If only I could…"

Before she could finish her sentence, someone stepped forward.

"Veronica, eat bread. This will give you more strength for the upcoming journey."

That someone was Urulas.

'I knew it,' she thought.

"I can teleport us to the destination. We won't need any horse," Ovior told him.

"We don't use magic, wizard," Urulas coldly refuted.

Ovior wasn't easy to bully. He was the Second Master of the Magic Tower, the second most powerful wizard on earth.

He stood up and faced Urulas properly. His pair of purple eyes sharply flashed.

He curtly reminded him, "I'm just trying to save our time. Unlike you, I understand the importance of this journey."

Urulas wouldn't back down so easily. He was a commander and a prince.

He said, "You mean you are at fault because if it wasn't you, Catherine would have been alive."


Ovior coldly stared at him.

It wasn't that he didn't know that he wasn't guilty but that wasn't the reason why he suggested teleportation.

He clenched his fists and controlled his urge to punch the arrogant elf.

"All right, stop it, both of you."

Veronica came to stop them.

"Ovior, you cannot teleport so many people close to the gate. It won't be good for your body. You are already tired enough. That's why I didn't suggest that option.

"And Urulas, if you need to blame someone, you have to blame me first because I was the very reason she has suffered."

Urulas hesitantly started, "Veronica, I didn't mean…"

"I know." Veronica smiled to ease their concerns. "It would be great if we could teleport. Since we couldn't, we will find the best way to go close to the gate as soon as possible."

Urulas suggested, "The quickest way to go there is to go barefoot. Horses are a burden to us. We should stick to the forest and move quickly."

Ovior frowned.

"What about tents?" he pointed at the tents.

Urulas curtly replied, "We don't need them."

"Where shall we sleep?"

"On the tree branches."

"Aren't you worried about insects and animals?"

"They are part of nature, a part of us. They have their businesses during the night while we sleep. They won't harm us if we don't bother them."

"I don't believe it."

"The insects and animals don't harm the elves because they know that elves are their friends. Also, elves can tame any beast."

"Lucky for them. It won't happen to me though."

Veronica pondered for a while and then suggested, "Why don't you teleport to our destination? We will catch up soon."

"I don't have any problem with that. Give me the location of the closest town or village. I'll be in the inn and wait for you there."

At first, Urulas didn't want to share the location. However, if he didn't , Veronica would be sad and uncomfortable. After all, she was married to Ovior's friend.

In the end, he reluctantly gave him the location. After having the meal, Ovior packed his bag and took his and Veronica's horses and then teleported to his destination.

"Shall we leave then?" Urulas asked.

Since they didn't have any burden with them, they had the freedom to move like elves and reach their destination sooner.

"Let's go," Veronica agreed.

With no more baggage with them, they traveled freely.

They walked and ran. If they felt tired, they rested on the tree branch.

When they were hungry, they had elvish bread to eat that would give them energy for two to three days.

Four days later, they arrived at the nearest village close to the portal where Ovior was residing.

They found him in the inn, having lunch all by himself.

"My goodness!" Ovior exclaimed when he saw Veronica. "You have become skinner and your skin is burned."

"The sun does me a good favor. I do like my skin tan," Veronica answered. "Did you get bored waiting?"

"I have rested for four days. It did me a lot of favor. I did wish for you to arrive late," Ovior answered truthfully.

"Well, we did arrive a bit late. But we won't wait anymore. We will get to the portal by nightfall."

Veronica was being restless every passing day. She couldn't wait to go to the Elvish realm.

Urulas came and said, "But there is a problem.".

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