58 My Punishment "You whore!" He suddenly stood up, his face flushed with anger. My suggestion had overridden his thoughts, and now all he could think of was revenge as he charged toward Alice.

"Alice, run away! He's after you!" other students cried out, witnessing his crazed expression. They wanted to intervene but were too afraid of his status in the school. To them, it wasn't worth the trouble of getting on his bad side.

This is the true nature of human beings. No matter how we say that we want to protect someone, our instincts always prioritize preserving our own lives before others.

Alice finally realized what was happening and turned around, but it was too late. The guy was fast, and he grabbed her by the neck.

"No! I… can't… breath, " she wailed, her voice strained as she struggled to breathe. The basketball player held her up high, making it clear to everyone that she was in distress, and it appeared as though he was trying to kill her. "Hey, dumbass! That's attempted murder. Don't blame me for beating you to death," I sneered in contempt as I threw a powerful gazelle punch to his side abdomen. *PUNCH!

He groaned in pain as my fist connected with his ribcage.

That's right, I had been running right behind him all along. I could have stopped him before he even grabbed her, but I intentionally allowed this to happen to add drama to the situation. To be honest, this whole thing wouldn't have escalated this far if it weren't for my intervention. But I didn't stop there. Seeing him let go of Alice due to my attack, I raised my fist again and delivered a powerful left hook to his chin.


He lost his balance and toppled to the ground, sitting in a daze. 'Don't think that I'll let you off so easily.' I muttered to myself.

"Stand up and fight, bastard!" I taunted.

[Suggestion : Success ]

Hearing my command, he gritted his teeth and tried to grab me by the waist, but he had no chance. While he was tall, I had boxing knowledge. I quickly jumped backward, using my footwork to create distance.

"This is for messing up my plan!" I sneered in contempt as I threw a rapid combination of jabs, hitting his face every time he tried to tackle me.

*Right JAB Hits the chin.

*Right JAB Hits the nose.

*Left JAB Hits the side cheek.

*Right JAB Hits the right cheek.

The barrage of jabs I executed left his face bloodied, and for the final blow, I shifted my weight and threw a powerful straight punch at his nose.



He crumpled to the ground unconscious, his face looking like he had gone twelve rounds in the boxing ring with a professional heavy weight boxer.

[+ 200XP ]

Everyone was taken aback by what had just happened. As I examined my bleeding fist, I strangely felt a sense of satisfaction. It was as if I had liberated myself, venting out all my pent-up anger. And just like that, my emotions subsided.

"Are you okay?" I approached Alice with a calmer demeanor. "Umm, thank you very much for saving me," she replied. I could tell she was devastated by what had happened, but she managed to control her tears. She was a rare woman with strong willpower. Unfortunately, my disguise as a teacher was now in jeopardy. I had just beaten a student half to death, and he happened to be the owner's nephew.

"Don't worry. You won't get in trouble. I'm going to report him for attempting to kill me, and you just helped," she assured me after realizing I was lost in thought.

That wasn't the real problem here. All my documents were fake, so I was pretty sure they would be exposed if the police got involved. Dealing with the police was something I didn't want to do. Maybe in the future when I've leveled up more, but right now, I felt too vulnerable to face the law. A simple gun would be enough to take me down. "What's happening here?" The rude teacher from earlier started running towards us.

"Beun Seok!" She screamed anxiously as she saw his bloodied face.

"Who did this?" she demanded.

"I did!" I spoke up and grabbed one of the students' cellphones who was recording everything. "Let me borrow it for a second."

"You imbecile ,I'm going to call the police on you for attempted murder!" She shouted like a whiny brat. I couldn't believe this was the same woman I had been interested in earlier.

"I'm the one who's going to call the police on him. I'll make sure he goes to prison for attempted murder of a classmate and a teacher." I sneered in contempt as I played the video for her, skipping to the part where he was choking Alice to death.

[Suggestion : Success ]

She was left speechless.

"I also have a recording of him claiming to be the nephew of the school's owner, saying he can beat up anyone he wants because he got authority from his uncle," I whispered to her. Of course, I was lying, but after witnessing him choking a girl, that lie seemed inconsequential.

[Suggestion : Success ]

"What are you going to do now? Do you want me to call the media and blow this up? I'm sure everyone would love to hear about this story. Who knows, maybe even the Department of Education would launch an investigation. I just hope your closet is free of skeletons because they might find some interesting things," I said with a sly grin.

Her face turned ashen after hearing my blackmail.

"Hey, come with us," the security guards finally arrived and held me down as if I were some kind of criminal. These people are truly hopeless; they only arrived after all the commotion was already over "It looks like we might have a court date in our future, huh? Hahaha," I chuckled.

"Stop! Release him," she finally gave in, hesitantly ordering the security guards.

"Carry Beun Seok to the infirmary first," she ordered. Then, her angry gaze shifted to me, her frustration evident. It was clear that our little showdown had taken an unexpected turn, and she was left with few options but to try and contain the situation. "You will regret this. You don't know who you're dealing with," she sneered in contempt.

Regret? Well, you have no idea that in this showdown, you're not the predator. If you dare to touch me or what's mine, I'll devour all of you alive.


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