Khalifa: Queen in the Apocalypse

Chapter 16: Doing the Professor I (Mild R-18)

Chapter 16: Doing the Professor I (Mild R-18)

He wrapped his arm around her back and pushed her body to him, one hand on her 'itchy' breast, capturing her lips before she could say anything.

"Hmpphh!" Her small voice escaped from their intersecting lips, and her hands landed on his wide shoulder.

He felt her struggling a bit, but she had no strength against him, and he only held her tighter and her nipples rubbed against him in her struggles, just stepping on his crumbling sanity to pieces.

He entered her mouth with his tongue, tasting every inch of it.

She tasted heavenly, unlike any delicacy he had ever tasted.

In their movements, her back gently hit the countertop, and he used the surface to push himself closer to her.

As his tongue gently danced with hers, his hands began exploring her supple body.

His hand that was on her mound massaged and fondled, as if helping her ease the itch, while the other one caressed her beautiful long legs, feeling its softness and smoothness, teasingly swiping close to her erogenous zones.

Soon her struggles weakened and he continued to devour until she no longer did so.

He smiled and shifted his wet kisses to her neck and ears, the other hand playing with her other breast.

"Still itchy?" He asked, opening his eyes to see her gorgeous blushing face, saliva flowing on the side of her lips, eyes glazed from pleasure.

The sight made it difficult for him to breathe, but he was determined to go slow with her, as to not scare her away.

His warm hands grabbed her breasts, fingers rubbing her perky nipple under the thin cloth. The thin cloth of his shirt.


His hands on her mounds, he leaned down to nibble on her ears, asking hotly, "Does Khalifa need the Professor to help her with her itch, hmn?"

The girl looked at him with teary eyes, her flushed face as red as a rose, begging him to eat it.

And so he did.

He lifted her up the counter and leaned down so he could eat her curvaceous breasts through his cloth.


He used the width of his tongue to apply pressure on her nipples while his hand made sure the other wasn't getting neglected.

He rolled his tongue and sucked, and Khalifa instinctively wrapped her arms around him; Her body begging for more.

He shifted to the other breast and played with it, and after a few minutes the thin cloth was wet with his saliva, letting him see the pink cherry tip, ready for picking.

He really wanted to rip the damned cloth. It was useless anyway.

But he was afraid it would startle her so he only lifted his head and met her lips again.

He tasted her softness a bit more before going back to her delicious mouth and eating it like it was a delicacy.

His breath was heavy, but he continued to consume her without stopping, and he released a hungry wolf he didn't know existed.

"Professor..." She mewled softly and the melodious sound sent electricity straight to his groin.

He wordlessly carried her to the bedroom and put her down the bed, still drenched with his semen from masturbating.

She stared at him blankly, as if not knowing what would happen, but also with a little bit of anticipation.

To a man, this was akin to an intimate invitation.

However, no matter how painful he was, he wasn't going to hurt her for his own pleasure.

He leaned down and supported his weight with his arms, placing soft kisses on her lips and on her face, shifting to her ears, and licking it.

She moaned and she grabbed his shoulder, one of her hands creeping up to his hair as she surrendered herself to the pleasure brought by his tongue traveling along her swan neck.

He was encouraged, knowing she liked what he was doing.

In his previous experience, he had never bothered with foreplay, so he was also inexperienced in this regard.

However, for her, he was planning on giving her so much pleasure she would not think of rejecting him.

He continued to lick her ears, the side of her neck to her collarbone. With one arm supporting his weight, the other hand slowly traveled from her smooth shapely legs upwards, lifting her shirt and finding her plump breasts without any obstacles.

It was large and soft and wonderful to touch, even more than he imagined.

Then he realized she didn't have any underwear and he almost lost it.

He sat up a bit and pulled the entire shirt up, exposing her glorious curvaceous body that almost made his nose bleed.

Her breast was large, proportionate, and shapely. Her waist was shaped like an hourglass, stomach perfectly flat. Her nipples were perk and pink, and she had no pubic hair at all, it was completely clean.

How could a body be so perfect?

He quickly closed up his eyes, tilted his head up, and did first aid, otherwise the blood from a nosebleed could've scared her.

She watched him treat himself like an idiot as she lay there naked, her arms still up with the shirt, looking as if she was tied up.

But there was no trace of fear, only curiosity.

Cauis' breath hitched, as his shaft had gone completely hard.

This was consent, was it not?

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