"I can't wait any longer, Alex."

She spoke, her eyes hazy, it was as if she was barely conscious. He started her face, hypnotized by such an alluring sight for a moment, then, unable to hold back his rising desire, he placed his dick on her entrance, then after a few strokes over her lower lips to get the entire thing wet,

Alex looked into Silveria's eyes and,


He plunged his dick inside in one go, making her widen her eyes in shock and release the biggest moan she had ever released in her entire life.

However, she wasn't the only person who was shocked.


Alex' mouth opened wide as he felt a heavy impact on his heart. Then, his entire body started trembling, confused, he tried to figure out what happened. Why tonight sex feel so different?

What's the worst that can happen anyways?

He would think about it later.

Without waiting anymore, Alex pulled his dick out to the edge, then,



Another thrust and he was in again.

"Fuck this is good!"

He cursed as well.

The pleasure he felt was too overwhelming. Silveria too, tightened her arms around his neck.

"Don't Stop!"

She shouted. Her entire body tightened in pleasure, her toes had curled up, her face was flushed and the pink energy leaking from her body was going wild.

"I am not planning to!" He replied, then, he pulled back and,


Another thrust.

Her insides were incredibly soft, and they were tight, it was like entering a mature milf and a petite virgin at the same time, something that didn't make any sense but felt incredibly good.

"Aaannnnhh!! So good!" She moaned.

"Are you okay?" Suddenly, Alex moved his head close to Silveria and questioned in concern.

He felt as if it was the first time he entered inside, Silveria was right, it was simply an illusionary feeling, still he could not help but ask.

"Does this face look like someone who is in pain to you?" She raised a question as she turned towards him. Her face was red, she was breathing heavily, and her lips were twitching, he wasn't one of those dense guys but,

"It does look like you are hurt."

"I am hurt because you are not moving! Move!!"

Silveria shouted.

Alex shook his head in surprise, then, losing all sense of reason, he grabbed her legs, placed them on his shoulders, and then, the pounding began.

"You are the one who asked for it," He spoke, and at the same time,

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

"Aannnh! Annnh! AnnHhh!!"


A series of moans and grunts were heard. The pleasure the two of them were feeling had already gone beyond the explanatory level. No other thing other than sex came to their mind. She could barely hold on to Alex's neck, especially with her legs directly placed on top of her shoulders while she gets pounded by that delicious dick.

"Hnggggnnggg! Hngggnnhh!!"

Her body twitched when she suddenly noticed he touching her thighs and gently rubbing them. Then, from the thigh, he went back and soon appeared near her butt.

"That's where you were..." She then heard Alex' words, and then,


A slap was heard.

"Annhh!" She was taken aback.

"W-Why are you hitting me?" She questioned.

"Don't act so innocent, my lovely princess.This is what you call taming a bad girl."

Alex chuckled, and then,


He spanked her again.


Her entire body twitched. Soon, her body weakened,then, she shut her eyes closed, trying to cope with the pleasure.However,


Alex thrusted his hip, this time, his cock went into the parts no one had ever been to, a huge jolt of pleasure rushed through Silveria's body and,


The silver haired goddess came first, even with a powerful bloodline she still lost.

Alex chuckled.

"Guess I won." He commented.

Silveria finally opened her hazy eyes, with a drunk look on her face, she let a fresh, beautiful smile break out on her face and,

"Who said it was the end?"

"Huh?" He frowned.

Then, he looked down to look at what she was pointing at and realized that his dick was rock hard again.

Not only him, even her pussy was releasing its love juice uncontrollably. Both Alex and Silveria were extremely horny right now and the entire room was now filled with a weird energy.

"This is just the beginning of a long, tiresome war, Alex. Don't think you will be the actual winner just because you won the first few rounds. The biggest part of a war is endurance."

She commented.

Hearing her words, he chuckled, then, he stood up, a little away from her, and then, his eye color started changing, they became redder and black mist come out his body, making his already outstanding features more otherworldly, he was like an incubus. He had switched form, going commando mode, the Asura's God was unleashed.

"I will stop playing around now."

Alex, who had become serious spoke up.

Silveria was taken aback, however, when her eyes fell on Alex's weapon which was changing a little, she smiled seductively and licked her lips.

He laughed, then he grabbed her waist, lifted her, and put her on her knees, then, with her butt right in front of his eyes,


He rammed his huge dick inside her again.


Silveria moaned in pleasure, this time, she was not only overwhelmed but also surprised, in his incubus form,

Alex' cock was bigger than normal.

Not only that, but his Asura's physique also released energy of its own, making her pussy get addicted to his dick, she would *Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

Another round of ramming started. This time, he completely fell on her, placing all his body weight on her, thrusting mercilessly as he held her using her horns.


She moaned again.

lightsΝοvεl ƈοm "Uggghhhh!! Ohhhh! I am cumming!!"

This time, however, she wasn't alone.

Alex had reached his limits as well.

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