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Chapter 2377 Senior White's Sense Of Urgency

The data was incredibly vast and detailed.

It encompassed the names of every resident giant in the artificial world fragment and their data from birth to the present. However, due to the incomplete data package in Song Shuhang's mind, the life data of these residents was intermittent.

Not only that, but the data also included even more information.

It covered both living beings and inanimate objects, including animals, plants, trees, and even the structure of the man-made small world.

One could say that this data package constituted an entire world!

But why would these 'unknown Whites' carry such data with them?

After transmitting all the data packets to Song Shuhang, Unknown White 20-30-23 retracted his divine third eye.

"Senior White." Song Shuhang's reconstituting body began to recover. "Can you enlighten me about your nature and purpose?"

If the secret appraisal technique couldn't provide answers, why not ask him directly?

"What kind of existence?" Unknown White raised an eyebrow, appearing puzzled.

A moment later, he suddenly adopted a serene expression and joined his palms together, mirroring Number 23. His body disintegrated into particles and vanished, just like his counterpart.

Song Shuhang was left speechless.

As Unknown White 20-30-23 disappeared, the ancient god in the external world vanished as well.

The steel lion's right front claw fell to the ground.

The crisis involving the ancient god was inexplicably resolved.

Beside a lake on Spirit Butterfly Island, Sage Monarch White slowly opened his eyes.

He had just awakened, and his vision was still hazy from sleep.

"Senior White is awake." Soft Feather's voice echoed from a distance.

At the moment, she was frolicking on the water with the virtuous lamia. Upon noticing that Senior White had awakened, the virtuous lamia gracefully swam to the shore alongside Soft Feather while skimming across the waves.

"I woke up just now," Senior White replied with a smile. "I was experimenting with the God Creation Plan... but I drifted off to sleep midway."

Approaching them were Sage Monarch Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue and Fairy Sixth Cultivator of True Virtue with hands held.

Behind them followed Sage Monarch Spirit Butterfly and Xuan Nu Sect's Skylark.

The group settled beside Sage Monarch White.

"Fellow Daoist White, do you have any progress regarding your plan to create a deity?" Sage Monarch Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue inquired with curiosity.

"Yes, not long ago, I successfully established a connection with the Dream Realm. The Dream Realm is a tiny plane within the myriad worlds, well-suited for my plan. Presently, I've completed approximately eighty percent of the embryonic structure of the spell within the Dream Realm. Once the remaining twenty percent is done, I can proceed to the next phase of the plan," Senior White confirmed.

Since the plane designated for the creation of deities was the Dream Realm, Senior White needed to enter a deep slumber to carry out the plan.

"Senior White, you woke up earlier than anticipated this time. Did something happen?" Soft Feather inquired while making an effort to maintain her refined demeanor.

"Yes, I was originally planning to construct all the structures within the Dream Realm in a single session, but I dozed off midway," Senior White admitted.

During his nap, he had inexplicably dreamed of Little Friend Shuhang... It was an embarrassing matter he preferred not to share with his fellow cultivators.

"Senior White, are you not planning to rest a bit longer?" Soft Feather asked.

"I can't afford to rest any longer. It felt... urgent," Senior White replied with a slightly furrowed brow.lightsnovel

"Urgent?" Sage Monarch Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue inquired with bewilderment.

lightsΝοvel "Yes," Senior White nodded.

He sensed that time was of the essence. The faster the God Creation Plan was completed, the better.

"Is there some impending danger, like the Heavenly Dao Molt?" Lord Spirit Butterfly speculated.

"I'm uncertain. I simply have this inexplicable feeling," Senior White confessed.

The expressions of the Saint Monarchs grew solemn.

What could be causing Sage Monarch White to feel a sense of urgency?

"I'll contact Fellow Daoist Yellow Mountain and have him notify the group members to be on standby. Spirit Butterfly Island will be on high alert," Lord Spirit Butterfly declared.

Sage Monarch Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue nodded and added, "I'll also inform our group members."

Soft Feather was perplexed. "???"

"People, don't get too nervous. This sense of urgency is not really one birthed from a sense of crisis. Otherwise, I would have warned you long ago." Senior White quickly added.

When everyone heard this, they immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

"I'll go to the Dream Realm again and try to finish drawing the prototype of the spell today." Senior White took out a bottle of medicinal pills, swallowed one, closed his eyes, and fell asleep while maintaining his meditating posture.

Soft Feather took out a large umbrella from her size-reducing purse and placed it beside Sage Monarch White.

"Do we still need to inform Fellow Daoist Yellow Mountain?" Lord Spirit Butterfly asked.

"It's best to inform the fellow daoists in the group to be prepared. I also have to inform my sect members." Xuan Nu Sect's Skylark said. She noticed that after Sage Monarch White woke up, he didn't actually rest. He only chatted with everyone for a while before taking a pill and entering the Dream Realm.

In other words, he probably woke up this time to give everyone a sense of urgency.

Therefore, no matter what the sense of urgency was, it was never wrong to let everyone be prepared first.

In the small world, the lion Godslayer was retrieved and brought back to the underground base of the city.

The right claw that had been shot out was also reassembled.

Song Shuhang didn't resist. He and his pendants were hidden in the right claw, and these colorful giants didn't notice them. In this way, he had successfully infiltrated them. He was too lazy to expose himself.

At that moment, Song Shuhang was having a meeting with the pendants.

"Seniors, what do you think Senior White, who has appeared one after another among the ancient gods, is?" Song Shuhang brought up the main topic of today's meeting.

"First of all, let's go with the process of elimination. The White that appears one after another is definitely not a robot," the sword said seriously.

Song Shuhang waved his hand and shot twenty-two consecutive shots of the Saber Nurturing Technique, calming the sword down.

"Let's go with the process of elimination. The White that appears one after another is definitely not the current Sage Monarch White." Fellow Daoist Stone Tablet said.

As they were talking, a figure slowly took shape in the center of the crowd.

He had a handsome face, long hair that reached the ground, and was wearing a tight-fitting combat suit.

"Eh? Why is it little friend Shuhang again?" Senior White said.

Fellow Daoist Stone Tablet was speechless.


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