Aromatic Flesh

Chapter 99.1: The General's Daughter Who Eloped with the Lowly Stage Actor (7)

At midnight, raindrops the size of beans created a rhythmic pitter-patter on the train window. The dark and sombre sky sparkled with dancing lights, as the sparks within the rolling black clouds clashed and collided, unleashing bursts of dazzling silver rays that illuminated the surroundings. Accompanying this breathtaking sight were the resounding roars of thunder, reminiscent of an army of charging horses.

The passengers, who were previously sound asleep, were startled awake by the awe-inspiring night rain. The thunder’s mighty reverberations followed one after another, and the silver dragons’ majestic presence in the sky bathed the train carriage in a surreal glow.

Inside the carriage, an ever-changing play of light and darkness, resembling black and white patches, created a mesmerizing spectacle. The sudden bursts of brightness transformed the cabin into a dazzling white, only to be immediately followed by engulfing darkness. The awakened passengers first voiced complaints, then became disoriented, and soon a chorus of conversations filled the air. Amidst the symphony of sounds, the cries of infants and their mothers’ soothing attempts blended into a poignant melody.

The lament of one child was enough to ignite a chain reaction, prompting other little ones to join in. The distant rumble of thunder and the close cacophony acted like piercing iron spikes, relentlessly assaulting Gu MingYue’s mind, causing her to knit her brows and feel thoroughly unsettled.

The thunderstorm roared with such intensity that it seemed like a colossal sword poised to cleave the very earth in two. The blinding flashes of lightning forced Gu MingYue to squint, and in the midst of the electrifying display, she sought refuge in Qian YunSheng’s arms, holding him tightly as her anxiety escalated.

A late autumn downpour of this magnitude was a rare occurrence.

The train soldiered on, braving the relentless deluge, moving forward with a slow and laborious pace. Outside the window, thick curtains of rain cascaded down, and a chill permeated the carriage through its crevices. Before long, a layer of mist formed on the glass, obscuring the outside world, rendering it a mysterious and enigmatic blur.

Qian YunSheng ran his hand along the woman’s spine comfortingly as the rain poured unexpectedly, catching them completely off guard. The rain seemed to be intensifying, with no signs of relenting. His handsome eyebrows furrowed slightly and he pursed his lips worrying at the current situation they found themselves in.

He faintly recalled that several years ago, the JinPu Railway had been washed out due to heavy rain, disrupting the rail line. He rubbed his temples lightly before shifting his gaze to the woman in his embrace, his eyes reflecting a soft and tender glimmer. He hoped fervently that this downpour wouldn’t hinder their journey north.

“YunSheng, would you sing for me?” Gu MingYue raised her porcelain-like face and murmured softly. The dreadful weather made the air heavy and damp, while the thunder and rain disrupted any chance of sleep. Her heart was filled with anxious unease about the unknown, and she desperately needed something to divert her attention and relax her mind.

Ultimately, her worries revolved around the uncertainty of whether this privileged young lady’s body could unleash the same level of combat prowess as in her previous lives when faced with danger. She could compensate for physical strength weaknesses through fighting techniques, but stamina and agility presented a different challenge altogether.

Noticing Gu MingYue’s deep concerns, Qian YunSheng cleared his throat and began to sing softly with a light and ethereal tone near her ear. His voice was deep and flowing, enunciating each word with clarity and a lingering charm, without any deliberate use of artifice, creating a melody akin to a gentle hum on a leisurely afternoon, sitting comfortably on a wicker chair.

Casual and carefree, it was the most effective way to soothe her troubled heart.

“Long or short, what concern for parting sorrows,

With cloud-like heart and water-like heart, why be bothered by idle worries?


Once spring arrives, flowers fade, and how can they leave marks on my brows?

Clouds veil the firewood gate, while the chime and pillow listen.


Cypress wood burns in the stove, plum blossoms screen out the dust,

Indeed, it is pure and lustrous as ice.


Long or short, who cares to judge,

Afraid of whose judgment?”

Qian YunSheng’s casual humming carried a lingering and melodious tune, showcasing his talent as a famous actor. Even though Gu MingYue wasn’t fond of theatre, she couldn’t help but be captivated by his performance.

With his fingers tapping on her shoulder to maintain the rhythm, Qian YunSheng’s own laughter joined the mix. He sang the “Morning Song,” a segment from “The Story of the Jade Hairpin1,” and as the song flowed, it evoked a unique sentiment…

In the world of dramas, love stories cannot always be real. Those tales of handsome men and beautiful women meeting under the moonlight, those passionate and secret love affairs, the plots were often so cliché that one could guess the ending from the very beginning. However, at this moment, Qian YunSheng secretly wished that reality could be just like a commonplace play. He hoped that, regardless of the challenges he and the young lady might face, they would eventually find peace and happiness together.

As the rain poured heavily outside the window, the train crawled forward at a snail’s pace throughout the night. Time was of the essence for the two eloping lovers, and neither Gu MingYue nor Qian YunSheng wished for their journey north to be hindered by any mishap. However, as fate would have it, on the second morning, with dark clouds looming and the rain pouring relentlessly, the train came to a slow halt near the border of ShanDong province.

The force of the rain had washed away sections of the railway track, leaving the train stranded in the middle of nowhere.

For a brief period, the carriage echoed with the chorus of passengers’ complaints. The tumultuous thunderstorms during the night had left most of the travellers sleep-deprived, and after venting their frustrations, they settled down in an attempt to catch some rest. Outside, the rain continued its noisy symphony, while inside the carriage, the irregular and soft snores formed a peculiar melody.


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